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Wagyu – America’s Culinary Treasure
Wagyu raised in America and founded on authentic Japanese genetics is the same breed of cattle that produces the legendary Kobe beef in Japan. The first Wagyu cattle were imported into the United States in 1975. Since then, Wagyu have steadily revolutionized the quality of beef in America.

From a cattlemen’s perspective, Wagyu cattle produce Prime Plus quality beef, either as Fullblood animals or when crossed with other breeds. At Landgraf Ranch, we are raising both Fullblood (black) animals along with Wagyu crossed with Angus as F1 (50% Wagyu / 50% Angus), F2 (75% / 25%), and F3 (87.5% / 12.5%). Wagyu are docile, easy calvers and thrive in many different climates in the United Sates.

Wagyu has the distinction of being the No. 1 marbling breed in the world. This extraordinary ability to create superior marbling makes Wagyu one of the healthiest beef choices available. This marbling is monounsaturated fat, is high in omega fatty acids and is the secret behind its tenderness and exquisite taste.

As a result, chefs love Wagyu and increasingly, white table cloth restaurants are adding Wagyu to their menus. It adds excellence and elegance to any menu. The variety of cuts and preparations are virtually endless. The makes Wagyu the true nose-to-tall delicacy.

Wagyu on Wheels
A sister-family and veteran owned business of Landgraf Ranch is Wagyu on Wheels, a food truck operating in the Austin area. This company serves Austin’s best burger, a delicious WOW burger using locally raised Wagyu beef. A true Texas delicacy. Landgraf Ranch looks to source the Wagyu meat for this food truck as we develop our Wagyu herd. The company was a weekly food truck feature on local Fox KVUE.

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